Birthday Celebration of Life

The birthday celebration of life held in our School is not intended to replace a traditional birthday party. It is just a brief ceremony that was designed by Montessorians and is used in various forms around the world.

In our version, your family assists your child in the creation of a “time line” that depicts his or her life up to this point. You can make this in the form of a booklet, or prepare a chart, or simply send in photos with your child’s ages on each. For example, you could collect photos of your child, one for each year, from birth to now. Get several sheets of construction paper and glue them end to end to make a banner.

Draw a line and put marks for each year with the date. Help your child glue the pictures onto the line in order. While you are working, tell him or her all the things that they could do at that age and what was happening in your family when he/she was born, when he/she was 1 year old, 2 years old, etc. Enjoy your time decorating the finished project with your child.

During the Celebration of Life taking place in the primary classroom, we light a candle that represents the Sun. As it takes a year for the Earth to make one trip around the Sun, the birthday child carries a globe representing Earth revolving around the “Sun”, while we sing a special song. After each trip, they stop to look at the picture from that year and talk about it. The Celebration ends with the child blowing out the candle amidst a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday To You”!

Your child may also enjoy bringing a special book to read on the day of Celebration. It is also fine to bring a special treat to share with their friends as dessert after lunch or as an afternoon snack. You can choose to bring store bought & nut-free cookies or muffins. Please do not bring cream cake or cupcakes.

Of course, parents are welcome to attend the celebration of their child’s life. Please discuss what would be an appropriate time with your child’s class teacher beforehand, and if you have any questions.